Lemon Insulation Cup

  • $29.98

Product features:
(1). Foam rubber elastic fiber material
(2). To prevent scratches, falling off
(3). keep warm or cold
(4). heat insulation, with a string
Product role: insulation cup, glass cup cover
Product parameters:
(1). Material: diving material (Neoprene)
(2). Capacity: 280ML 360ML 420ML 550ML
(3). Color: black, green, navy, sky blue, rose red, gray, pink
(4). Size: 280ML: 13.5 * 5.5CM/5.31 * 2.17in, 360ML: 14.5 * 6.0CM/5.71 * 2.36in, 420ML: 15 * 6.5CM/5.91 * 2.56in, 550ML: 18.5 * 6.8CM/7.28 * 2.68in
How to use: cover the cup
Note: please measure the diameter and height of the cup before ordering, not the capacity of the cup
Packing list:
1x cup cover