Mylar Balloons for Wall Decoration

  • $19.99

Pure Helium (90% or higher) inflation allow balloon to float. Shipped uninflated. Can be air filled or pure helium filled.
Easy to inflate using the a straw or an air handheld pump. Easily hung on strings from ceilings or attached to wall with tape
Reusable. Self-sealing valve for easy inflation and deflation.
DON'T inflate with diluted helium (90% or lower)
Suitable for Birthday,Party,Anniversaries,Weddings,Graduation,All kinds of party etc.

Material is aluminum film, color uniform, spherical beautiful When the inflation is completed, please put the ball to pinch flat, the ball comes automatically sealing glue! Can be used repeatedly, inflating and deflating convenience. After completion of the inflatable ball mouth pinch flat,the ball comes viscose mouth automatically.

Material: Foil Balloon
Color: Gold
Size: approx 30 inch
Foil Ballons Numbers: 0-9
Size: When not inflated about 75 cm height and about 63cm height after inflating
0: 55x40cm
1: 63x24cm
2: 54x38cm
3: 63x38cm
4: 63x40cm
5: 56x43cm
6: 58x35cm
8: 60x38cm
9: 58x35cm

Package include:
1 x Foil Balloon

to foil balloon must be inflated slowly, can pump to 80%, and then use a straw to blow, easy to control volume, in order to avoid bursting. If there is a case of two layers of aluminum foil sticky encounter, be sure to stop inflation, gently pull the hand two layers of aluminum foil and then inflated, or easily damaged